Trunk or treat??

So I've lived in Nashville almost a year now, and I'm still getting used to a few things. For example, many of the churches around here sponsor something called "Trunk or Treat".

I've never heard of this. I thought perhaps it was just something one local church was doing, but then I saw it on more and more churches. It was like an epidemic.

Curious, I looked it up. Though I couldn't necessarily find anything about it's origins, I learned that this is not just something done in Nashville. It's done around the country (apparently not the old stomping grounds of Wisconsin, though).

The premise is: rather than taking your little ones trick or treating around your neighborhood, your or your other church members take your vehicle to your local church parking lot, dress yourselves up and decorate your car, and hand out treats from the trunk of your car.

The idea seems to be that your children are safe from people who would do nasty things to your kids or their candy if you bring them to a church activity. Almost as though to say that nasty people don't attend church. Granted, there aren't many Catholic churches around here.....oh, wait, did I type that out loud?

I understand the well-meaning of the idea. But of course there is also some proselytizing going on at these things, and attendees are encouraged to bring "spiritual" gifts. What would Jesus treat?

The odd thing, though, is that churches should do anything related to Halloween. Isn't that the most dark of the pagan holidays? Why would churches even draw any attention to it? Heck, if some Christian leaders think yoga should not be practiced by Christians, then I'm sure they wouldn't approve of any of the All Hallows Eve goings-on.

I caught this comment from a chat forum regarding the growing prevalence of Trunk or Treats. Take from it what you will:
Sadly, this is becoming more and more common. I think it reflects on a couple different things; parents unwillingness or "laziness" to take their kids on actual TOT rounds through their neighborhood, and misinformed "Christians" who feel it is their obligation to offer up an alternative to traditional Halloween celebrations. I commented on another forum that a martial arts studio down the block from us held a party and gave out hot dogs/popcorn/candy, in an effort to keep kids safe and (actual quote) "celebrate the light of Jesus Christ and not the dark."
I also think this is going to be an increasing threat to traditional TOT celebrations. But hey, leave it to the "Christians" to send the message that it's okay to take candy from the trunk of a stranger's car! LOL
Not bashing religion, however the inaccuracy of the information spewed by some of these well meaning zealots is a lot more terrifying than what any kid would encounter on Halloween.
The funny part was that when the kids left the martial arts studio and saw my house and the line of people waiting to walk through, they all came over anyway!
My only comment (and it doesn't have much to do with Trunk or Treat, actually): if yoga ain't Christian, then neither should martial arts be. That may be beside the point, but hey. My blog. Deal with it.

In the meantime, I'm gonna huddle up in the back of my SUV with my Bible, practice yoga and my judo moves (in the space available), hand out some Bible tracts to strange children and nod my head like a dork at all the irony.

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One Girl's Story said...

Yea, issues like the one you have raised here is what has really turned me more agnostic than anything.